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Huey Vets Fly Overs during Redwood City 4th of July Parade

Today from it’s home at Bud Field Aviation in Hayward, CA. the EMU 309 serves as a flying museum dedicated to educating and preserving the history of the Huey Helicopter and it’s functions in Vietnam. The aircraft is a Bell UH-1H Iroquois. EMU INC. a non-profit corporation derives its name from the radio call sign of a unique unit in Army aviation history, the 135th Assault Helicopter Company. The 135th was comprised of both U.S. Army and Royal Australian Navy personnel. Their affiliation was known as an Experimental Military Unit. Geoff Carr and Peter Olesko acquired to restore this aircraft to original combat specifications. With help from over twenty individuals, which includes their families, friends and staff they have done just that. This spectacular aircraft now serves as a flying museum, providing public education while preserving the history of assault helicopter units in Vietnam.

From it’s inception this special group of men, some having served in Vietnam, acknowledge their complex feelings and views from these wartime experiences that have brought them here today. Their accomplishments are remarkable!

Statement of Purpose

To own and operate accurately recreated, airworthy specimens of the aircraft utilized by the 135th AHC during its service in Vietnam (UH-1D/H and UH-1C/M helicopters) and to make these aircraft available to museums and air shows for public display.

To make available to the public written and visual materials concerning the history of the 135th AHC including Steve Eather’s 1998 book, Get The Bloody Job Done, as well as photographic histories of recreated EMU aircraft maintained by EMU INC.

To maintain a website in conjunction with the 135th AHC website already in existence to encourage the collection and dissemination of information about the 135th AHC.

To assist other organizations in educating the public on the history of all Vietnam era Assault Helicopter Companies. With a great dedication and love for this Huey they help create opportunities for generations to come, perhaps bringing a deeper insight into both the Vietnam war and the amazing ingenuity we have.

EMU 309, visit their site at

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